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Best-Intentions-Draft-1-alt-1 (2)Best Intentions… what characters Angelica and Emilia definitely had before they got themselves both into trouble. Now, these modern adaptations of two, pivotal but often overlooked, women in Shakespeare’s “Othello” and “Romeo and Juliet” have an opportunity to look closely at their lives, the choices they made and how they ended up trapped in the same room with one another. Through reasoning, deduction and slowly revealing their secrets, they discover that they have much in common including needing to escape their current situation unscathed, as they find that “best intentions” is not an excuse in the eyes of the law.

The next showing will be at the Bread and Roses Theatre in London England (Aug. 2-6th)  and then the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (Aug. 8-13).  Visit for added details on the 2016 tour, tickets and further info.

Conceptualization by: Courtney Brown and Amy Fritsche
Directed by Courtney Brown
Written by Catie O’Keefe
Performed by Amy Fritsche and Jess Tanner



IMG_1844Monday May 18th will host the return of Fantasies and Nightmares in the Big Apple.  The international creative team from London, New York and Ohio are back under one roof to present a staged reading of the new draft of Fantasies and Nightmares as developed from last year’s intensive work shop. This reading will be directed by Illana Stein who directed O’Keefe’s 2011 US production of Darker in the Cincinnati Fringe Festival.  Now a New York Native, Stein is joined by a cast of 4, Wes Hager, Ashley Kate Adams, Ted Schneider and Michelle McMahon at the Barrow Group theatre (TBG Theatre) in Manhattan.

This reading is the final opportunity for O’Keefe to alter the script and introduce it to venue’s and producers before opening in New York as a full production.


PuppetslamAfter a successful run at Cleveland Public Theatre’s Pandemonium and the South Asian Theatre Festival in Cincinnati Ohio in Fall 2014, Flight 212 is making it’s way to Portland, OR.

Beady Little Eyes and Tears of Joy Theatre presents a very Cupid-y, Valentine’s Day weekend edition of PUPPET SHOWS! This puppet slam will feature artists from the West Coast as well as a special guest artists. Due to strong language and the possibility of other lewd things that only felted beings can get away with on stage, the recommended age is 14 and up. Tickets are $10 in advance / $12 at the door. The show will take place two evenings, Friday Feb 13 and Saturday Feb 14 @ 8pm.


This is O’Keefe’s latest full length play and she is excited to be work-shopping the production further with the help of Dramaturge Michelle McMahon and Producer Sabrina Dridje. The 48 hour intensive workshop will delve into the deep dimensions of the dreams and realities that make up the script. If you are interested in attending the staged reading on May 11th at the Made in NY Media Center, please contact Seating is limited.

Synopsis: Ralph remembers his high school crush on Sally – but perhaps it’s not all he recalls. From a dream he reignites feelings for her; feelings that soon take over every minute of his monotonous working day, consume every thought in his head and he cannot rest. Convinced that if they were to meet again, they would have their moment, he sets up a Facebook event, a wine and cheese party to invite Sally over.  Provoked and cautioned in varying measure by co-worker Micky, Ralph embarks into dangerous territory.

However, Ralph’s wife Deb is preoccupied, finding solace from her distant husband by caring for a bird who’s broken his wing. But Deb is holding out hope  that the impending wine and cheese party will jump start things at home, especially during their son’s recent absence.

In this hyper-reality play, Ralph descends through real, fantasy and nightmare scenarios as he loses control of what he hopes will be his outcome and what fate actually holds for him.


darkerO’Keefe’s second play to be published, through Original Works Publishing is now available to order or download. This play was originally written as a Christmas gift for Catie’s husband, Joe Dargue in 2008. After submitting the short play to some theatres in London she received interest from First Draft Theatre who produced it as part of their spring play festival, April Showers. Director Matthew Parker enjoyed the play so much that the company asked O’Keefe to wright a longer version for full production. In November 2010 the play premiered at First Draft Theatre and later won two First Draft Awards for “Best New Writing” and “Best Moment” (Tom and Max’s kiss). In 2011, Cincinnati theatre company New Edgecliff Theatre took notice of this play and produced it in the 2011 Cincinnati Fringe Festival.  “Especially pleasing… a Fringe must-see” – The Cincinnati Enquirer. But don’t take their word for it, see for yourself.


260301-250For the third year in a row, O’Keefe has now written the Sweet Suspense Radio Drama for New Edgecliff Theatre. This year it an adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic story, Frankenstein. O’Keefe places the story in post-market crash New York City in 1903 and has taken her own spin on this classic tale adding in connections to the very first ever zombies and big foot. While the over all story of man’s desire to create, play God and ultimately feel eternally responsible for the mistakes he has made are present; this play, with in a play, is still full of dark humor and moments that will make your hair stand on end.

One night only: Sunday October 13th at The Know Theatre. Support a wonderful theatre in Cincinnati and see a live Radio show be performed with sound effects. Visit the website for more information.


Shark Eat Muffin Theatre Co. celebrates their second performance this season with the much-anticipated US premier of Catie O’Keefe’s play, The Space Between my Head and my Body directed by Laura Berkemeier.  This show will be part of the 2013 Cincinnati Fringe Festival line-up May 28-June 8th.

the-space-between-Fringe-ImageThe Space Between my Head and my Body explores the lives of seven people whose paths collide in flight on an airplane. In the un-quantifiable space between departure and arrival, male and female, physical body and identity, we examine what defines each one of them. As the characters weave in and out of different times and spaces, different flights and even different bodies, they remain connected by the same journey. A journey that is forever pushing forward towards the fate of the passengers, their relationship to one another and their own survival in a sea of lost travelers. The show was produced at the 2008 Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland and was published in 2010 by Original Works Publishing.